About the Artist

Olga Fitzpatrick studied ceramics at the Limerick School of art and design and graduated in 1992. On leaving college she began working with community groups producing art in disadvantaged areas and teaching ceramics to people with disabilities. She presently combines her teaching career with her art practice.

25 Years Experience

Olga is an artist who has been working in clay for the last twenty five years. Since 1998 her work has been widely exhibited throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom and is held in numerous collections in Europe, the United States and Ireland including the Office of Public Works. Her work has been represented in The Eyes of Ireland, A Guide to Fine Craft Artists and their Studios by Dani O’Reilly.

Her studio is perched on a cliff at her home in Co. Wicklow and its sea views provide inspiration for her work. Aquamarine and sapphire blues are chosen for there reference to the sea. Ferns, buddleia and other plant life are reflected in the work to depict the beauty of her surroundings and the artist’s love of the Irish landscape.