Exhibitions - Olga Fitzpatrick
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  • Into the Stillness

    Solo Show 'Into the Stillness' at Rathgar Bookshop

  • Vanishing Art

    Group Show 'Vanishing Art' at Carton House in Maynooth

  • Sculpture in Context

    Group Show 'Sculpture in Context' at Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin

  • Top 10 Exhibit

    Group Show 'Top 10 Exhibit' at Block T in Smithfield, Dublin

  • 8 Exhibit

    Group Show '8 Exhibit' at Filmbase in Temple Bar, Dublin

  • Expressions and Revelations

    Group Show 'Expressions and Revelations' at Covent Garden in London

  • Winter

    Solo Show ‘Winter’ at Filmbase in Temple Bar, Dublin

  • The Davis Gallery

    Group Show at The Davis Gallery in Dublin

  • OPW

    Group Show at Office of Public Works in St. Stephens Green, Dublin

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